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Care Management


Care Management Programs

Our Programs are designed with our members in mind. We have qualified nurses that can assist in meeting your healthcare needs.


  • In-Home Health Assessments

    Some members may be eligible for in-home health assessments. We partner with House Call Doctors and Fia Care to complete these visits. These providers may call you to schedule a home visit.

    Telehealth assessments are also available for members who don’t want a home visit.

    What to Expect 

    During the visit, a healthcare provider will come to your home to talk about your health and wellness. They might ask about how you're feeling, your medications, and if you need help with anything related to your health. They could also check things like your blood pressure or weight to make sure you're staying healthy. 

    The providers may ask about your medical history, any health concerns you have, and how you're managing your health at home. They might also ask about your daily routine, any challenges you face, and if you need any assistance or resources to help you stay healthy.

  • Empower U

    Our nurses help you be able to express your needs and wants for your care. Our team can help you understand advanced care planning and express your wishes and desires.

  • Pediatric / Adult Program

    Whether you need to establish a primary care physician or you have more complex conditions, we can help. We want to help in keeping you as healthy as possible.

  • Disease Management

    If you have a diagnosis of asthma, diabetes, or heart conditions, our nurses can help you. Our team will help with education, coordinate your care, and provide you with community classes and resources.

  • Transitions Inpatient Program

    If you are in the hospital our nurses can assist you in making sure you have a safe discharge and will answer questions about your medications. We also help to make sure that you have a follow up appointment with your provider.

  • Behavioral Health

    You need assistance with mental health and/or substance use disorders, we have a behavioral health team to help you navigate your health care needs. We have an integrated approach for your medical needs as well.

  • Utilization Review (UM) Program

    Utilization Review services is the review by a physician or nurse of provider requested health care service to assure that together with the treating provider that we are supporting the highest quality of care and meet the services demands in an efficient manner.

  • Wellness & Prevention Program

    Wellness and prevention have moved into the forefront of health over the past decade as research continues to show the significant benefits of lifestyle changes on health. Lifestyle changes, including increased physical activity, can lead to health benefits in those with chronic disease, prevent or manage a number of noncommunicable diseases and lead to an increased quality of life. Our care managers can assist in keeping you healthy and actively engaged in your health care decisions and needs.

  • Pharmacy Program

    We have a team of professionals to help you understand your medications. Whether your medications are disease specific, or you just have questions.