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    Self-Funded Solution for Utah Employers

    The Healthy Preferred and Premier plans offer a self-funded option with a predictable monthly cost to employers with 15+ enrolled full-time employees.

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    Key Features:

    • Predictable Costs — monthly premiums remain the same all plan year and cover administrative fees, claims payment, and stop-loss premiums.

    • Cash Flow — payments are spread across 12 months. Predictable payments make cash management easier. Stop-loss coverage protects against unpredictable large claims.

    • Risk Assessment — the employer’s group risk pool is evaluated rather than using a broad community group to assess risk.

    • Refund Potential — employers receive a partial refund of any remaining funds.  60% if they renew and 20% if they cancel. 
    • Utilization Reports — employers receive reports about utilization. Reports help identify areas of misuse allowing businesses the opportunity to educate employees and adjust benefits at plan renewal.

    • 16 Plan Designs — allow employers to offer more choice to employees. 

    Member Benefits

    Access Assistance


    Help finding and
    scheduling providers.

    CALL: 801-587-2851


    Care when and where
    you need it most.

    Nurse Line


    24 Hours a day,
    7 Days a Week.

    CALL: 801-505-3198
    Access Assistance


    You are not alone.

    CALL: 801-213-0816

    Additional Member Benefits

    • MyChart Member Portal – view your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) online anytime, anywhere through MyChart.
    • ID Card App— members can view, print or email their ID card directly from their smartphone. 
      • App for iOS and Android phones to allow members to view, print or email their ID card directly from their smartphone.
      • Search 'UUHP' in the Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.
    • World Class Customer Service with our 'one call resolution'.
    • Gate Utah — a web-based consultation model aimed at extending mental health services to children and adults.
    • Preventive Care Services — Preventive care services are wellness visits, screenings, and vaccinations that can help keep you healthy.
    • Glossary of Health Coverage & Medical Terms

    Questions about Plans?

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