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    Businesses – Level Funding, Fully-Insured & TPA

    At University of Utah Health Plans (U of U Health Plans) we offer a wide range of product options, including traditional HMO plans, PPO plans, and HSA compatible plans. We are flexible and effective in benefit design and provider network combinations. With an emphasis on population health management, we focus on keeping employees healthy while managing utilization to lower costs.

    Fully-Insured Products We have an experienced actuarial team that develops solutions specifically for Utah employers. A variety of plans for employers with 51 or more employees makes it easy to obtain high satisfaction. Including innovative internal Care Management and Pharmacy Management teams; keeping members satisfied but costs in check.
    Third Party Administration (TPA) We've provided TPA services in Utah since 1998. As a not-for-profit administrator of self-funded products, we are able to offer customized benefit solutions and cost controlling results to employer groups. Local and attentive staff are ready to manage custom plans effectively and efficiently. Employers will find the same proprietary Populations Health Management program throughout our TPA services that is traditionally associated with our fully-insured products. Here is a description of our TPA Services.
    Level Funded Products Level funding combines the flexibility of a self-funded plan with the predictability of a set monthly premium to cover administrative fees, claims payment, and stop-loss premiums. The employer’s group risk pool is evaluated rather than using a broad community group to assess risk. Level funding allows employers to offer more choices to employees and more plan design options.

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