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Line of Business BIN PCN Phone Number
University of Utah Employee Plan 610830 REALRX 855-856-5690
Utah Individual & Family Plans 610830 REALRX 855-869-4769
Commercial & Group Plans 610830 REALRX 855-859-4892
Healthy U 610830 REALRXHU 855-856-5694
Mountain Health Co-Op 610830 REALRXMHC 855-885-7695

Fax Number: 888-509-8142


Find a Pharmacy

U of U Health Plans uses a large national network of pharmacies

Mail Order

90 day supply can be obtained through University of Utah Health pharmacies, Birdi Mail Order pharmacy, and in-network pharmacies for Tier 0, 1, 2, and 3 medications

Member Pharmacy Portal

Access your pharmacy claim history, search for pharmacies, or view the formulary.
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