Benefits For U of U Employees

Outstanding Customer Service

We value and execute world class service through a local team that combines claims processing and customer service into one role allowing us to offer one-call resolution.

University Health Care Plus Provider Network

Providing access to the highest quality of care is very important to us. University Health Care Plus is a large network of high performing community providers in addition to the University of Utah Health Care to provide statewide access for members. Nationwide coverage is provided through the MultiPlan and PHCS networks.

Lower Monthly Costs

Lower monthly premium costs mean more money in your pocket.

Pharmacy Management

Our pharmacy department works in collaboration with the University of Utah pharmacy experts in providing our members with the highest quality of care and optimal cost efficiency.

Care Management

Our dedicated team of nurses will assist you and your families with difficult health concerns, helping coordinate services between patients and providers. This results in better outcomes and improves your overall health care experience.

Calculate Your Monthly Premium Costs

Why pay more when you can get the exact same benefits for less?
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*Please note that the numbers produced do not relect the WellnessNOW discount. To find out more about the WellnessNOW discount, visit Pulse-HR and Education.

What Your Colleagues Are Saying

Vivian Lee

"I am very pleased that we've chosen University Health Care Plus for our own family's health care. We've enjoyed the high quality care and the flexibility to see just about any doctors we wish. I love the wellness programs too. Plus when the health care plan saves money because of more efficient practices and less overhead, the University benefits, so it's a real win-win!"

Vivian Lee, MBA, MD, PhD
Dean, School of Medicine
Senior Vice President, University Health Sciences
CEO, University of Utah Health Care

Sean Mulvihill

"I chose University of Utah Health Plans (UUHP) for my family health care coverage because the provider network is comparable to the alternative choices and the benefits package is excellent. We are gaining confidence in our ability to maintain optimal health in the populations of patients we serve in UUHP. This experience is a key step in our transformation into a lifelong health partner for our community. Join us on that journey!"

Sean Mulvihill, MD
CEO, University of Utah Medical Group